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The Weekly Retrospective - Issue #1

Brock Herion
Brock Herion
It’s kind of fun to do the impossible - Walt Disney

Walt Disney has been an inspiration to me since I was little. He took his dreams and built something incredibly imaginative that all the world can enjoy. This is my absolute favorite quote of his. That’s a big driver for me in building software and my social media presence and even starting this newsletter. I want to build things and share them with the rest world.
If you had asked me two years ago if I thought I would be where I am now, I would have laughed it off. It’s amazing where a dream can push you in such a short amount of time. It is kinda fun to do the impossible!
The Week of 9/5/2021 to 9/11/2021
This week had a few things that I’m pretty excited about! I got to start it off with the first craft fair in over a year with my family and ended it with getting to see my new nephew. Family is a huge motivator for me and it’s always amazing getting to spend time with them.
I’m hoping these kinds of things continue happening for the rest of the year!
This week’s wins
I sat down and started learning how to program in Solidity this week, the language of the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a very interesting language to me as it closely resembles JS and is incredibly easy to start writing Smart Contracts in. I was able to build a few, very small but very cool contracts in it!
Another win this week was I was able to get Google Maps running in a NextJS application. This was an API I haven’t really used. Getting working and styled was really exciting to me! It was a fun and interesting challenge to get it set up properly.
I also shared a few Twitter threads about productivity and my daily routine, along with asynchronous programming in C#. I was one thread short of my weekly goal, but each of those got some amazing interactions and lead to some awesome conversations. I can’t complain about that!
A final small and extremely geeky one is since we have bought our expresso maker, we haven’t been to Starbuck at all this week. Turns out myself and Sam are quite the baristas!
What could have gone better?
I felt a bit more tired than usual this week, and it showed in a few days completely breaking my morning routine and habits. I usually am up at 4:30, meditate, make coffee, etc. and spend a bit of time learning and working on side projects. This morning routine gets me up and energize for the day, but some days I was still feeling like I couldn’t wake up. I ended up getting a few more hours of sleep and those definitely helped.
I also ran into an issue with one other project I am working on. It’s an old Angular app that I ended up needing Redux in. When I added it, I got all kinds of version errors from libraries that were already installed, not the one I had just added. It’s something odd between Angular Core and RxJS that I haven’t been able to figure out yet. That said, I am not liking Angular as much as I used to and would much prefer to be working in React and NextJS.
What did I learn?
Learnings this week were mostly about Web3 and Cryptocurrency. I learned about the relationship between Ethereum, the Blockchain, and Smart Contracts and how they work together to allow users to perform transactions. I’m beginning to understand what a decentralized app is and how it all works. I can’t wait to keep learning these technologies and get a blog post written up about them!
I also learned a bit more about why there is even a need for Cryptocurrency in the first place thanks to The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. I’m only halfway through the book, but it has given a pretty good overview of our history of currency and transactions so far. It gave a clear structure of our current financial system and why it works and why it doesn’t. The latter half of the book will be covering how Bitcoin can fill the void modern currency leaves and where it still falls short. I highly recommend this book to anybody wanting to learn about Bitcoin and how it plays a role in the economy.
Fun resources to look at!
Here’s a link to The Bitcoin Standard for anybody interested in reading it.
I also recommend How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking by Jordan Ellenberg. Another fantastic and interesting read!
Here’s my thread on async programming in C#
Brock 👨‍💻☕️ on Twitter: "One of C#'s most power features in writing modern code is async/await. It allows you to write asynchronous logic that when read, looks like normal C# statements Let's dig into how writing asynchronous code in C# Thread 🧵👇"
This amazing thread by Oliver Jumpertz explains exactly what Web3 is and it’s important. An absolute must read if you’re interested in this kind of technology!
Oliver Jumpertz on Twitter: "From time to time you read the term Web 3.0. For many of us, however, this term is still mysterious. Time to shed some light on it and explain what it actually is all about! A thread. ↓"
Finally, here are two awesome Udemy courses I have been going through. One focuses more on frontend and website development, which is an area I have really wanted to hone and expand my skills. The other is about Solidity programming and how to build Web3 apps in React. Check them out if you’re interested!
Be a Better Web Designer & Developer (23 Hands-On Projects) | Udemy
Complete DApp - Solidity & React - Blockchain Development | Udemy
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Brock Herion
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