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Brock's Bytes - September 19th, 2022

Brock Herion
Brock Herion
Hey there! As always, thank you for taking the time to read Brock’s Bytes and I hope you enjoy this week’s edition.

This week was probably one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in some time. I made good progress on Chirpmark and my freelance projects. I was able to clean up a few bugs, a lot of code, and get some new features out.
I also really suck to my habit/goal tracking dashboard I made in Notion. Using it, I was able to complete the majority of my goals for this week and continue pushing myself closer towards my goals. Having it broken down this way and focusing on the small daily things has really helped me stay on track. I’ve had the same long term goals for some time, I just needed a better way to break them down and measure my progress.
Overall, it was a great week and I can’t wait to share it all with you.
Now without further ado, let’s get into this week’s bytes!
I wrote a new blog post on Promise.all()
I wrote a new blog post this week on using Promise.all() in JavaScript. I came across a case while working on Chirpmark, an app for managing Twitter bookmarks, where I was resolving multiple Promises in a loop. Promise.all() helped make my code more manageable and more performant. You can read it on my blog at
I’m worried about Figma
In case you didn’t hear, Adobe purchased the app Figma for 20 billion dollars. Figma is a collaborative design tool, similar to Adobe’s own XD product. Figma, to me, has been on the forefront of pushing more interactive webapps. They’re one of the few where the desktop and web experience is seamless. I’m worried that Adobe will gut the project and leave it to die, slap a heftier subscription fee on it, roll it up in CC, or slow development progress and promote XD in it’s place. We’ll see what happens, but I’m going to start looking for alternatives. At the top of my list is Sketch, who’s only caveat being that it’s Mac only and I use both Windows and Mac.
I got more done on Chirpmark
I worked on fixing bugs and cleaning up code around Tweet import, as well as started on a new feature. I’m now working on tagging and note taking for Tweets, which is requiring a bit more of an overhaul than I anticipated. I’m hoping I can get it done this week. After that, I plan on allowing more people on to the platform to try it out. I still have a little bit of work to do on the community Discord and need to start adding places for people to add feedback. Feature-wise, I’m going to start adding the ability to auto-sync your bookmarks between Twitter and Chirpmark. I’m still in the early planning stages of how this is going to work, but I’m excited for this feature!
I’m writing an article on TanStack Query
I’ve started drafting my new blog post for this week, and this one is going to be on TanStack Query, formerly React Query. This is my favorite library to use for data fetching in my React applications. It takes care of a lot of the nitty-gritty in data fetching and reduces it to only a few lines of code. I’ve used TanStack Query for some time, both on it’s own and through tRPC, and can’t wait to share my article with all of you.
I stuck (mostly) to my productivity routine
Using the Notion templates I created last week, I’ve been tracking my habits and productivity on a day-to-day basis. Thus far, I’ve been really happy with how I’ve done this week. When I sat down to reflect on how the week went, I realized there was only one area I wasn’t doing as well in and came up with a plan to fix it. The way I have my dashboard setup let’s me see my long-term goals, quarterly goals, and the actions I need to take to get there. I can see the progress I’ve made on my actions for the week and adjust accordingly if something isn’t working. There’s something about physically seeing your progress that’s incredibly motivating.
I started reading How to Win Friends and Influence People
After multiple people recommending this book to me, I started reading How to Win Friends and Influence People on my Kindle. This is one book I should have read sooner. I’m learning a lot about human behavior and how our brains work. I’ve been highlighting bits of text to come back to later and have been trying to put the books lessons into practice whenever I have a social interaction now. This book is fantastic for those looking to up their social and communication skills. Pick it put on Amazon.
I bought the wrong car
Back in June, I placed an order for a 2022 Tesla Model 3. This have been my dream car for a very long time and I’m so fortunate now to be in a position to get one. That is, until Tesla announced that the Model S and Model X would be getting Steam support. There’s nothing more appealing to me than being able to play video games while I’m on the road. Jokes aside, I think this is a really interesting idea to add to electric vehicles. For longer charging sessions, it might be worth firing up a game for a few minutes while you wait. On longer trips, this might be a great way to keep your kids in the back busy. I have no need for this functionality right now, I just thought this was an interesting feature to start adding to cars. For now, I will continue eagerly awaiting my Model 3 to arrive!
I still haven’t filmed my YouTube video
I still haven’t finished writing or filming my video for YouTube. Part of the problem I had was getting the videos off of my phone and onto my desktop for editing. The other problem is is writing a blog post, newsletter, and YouTube script with completely different content creates a lot of friction in my workflow and slows me down. What I’m going to do instead is start making videos around the ideas I have for my blog. I’ll film it, post it on YouTube, then tweak the script and post to my blog. Then I can share it with all of you here or Twitter or Instagram. I feel like this approach will drastically reduce the amount of friction I have in getting content out and lead to a higher quality across all the platforms I’m on. I’m going to try this approach with the TanStack Query article I mentioned earlier. Stay tuned for any updates.
That’s a wrap!
As always, thank you for reading and I hope you learned something new! If you enjoyed it, please consider sharing.
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Until next time, Brock
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Brock Herion
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