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By Brock Herion

Every Sunday, I share an exclusive email with 8 awesome things I found during the week. You'll get to see what I'm learning, building, using, reading, and so much more!

Every Sunday, I share an exclusive email with 8 awesome things I found during the week. You'll get to see what I'm learning, building, using, reading, and so much more!

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Brock's Bytes - September 26th, 2022

Fall is officially in the air! Here in Chicago, this week started to get between 50-60 degrees outside. Couple that with the return of pumpkin spice at Starbucks, and it's pretty easy to figure out why this is my favorite time of year.This week was a little m…


Brock's Bytes - September 19th, 2022

This week was probably one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in some time. I made good progress on Chirpmark and my freelance projects. I was able to clean up a few bugs, a lot of code, and get some new features out.I also really suck to my habit/goal tra…


Brock's Bytes - September 11th, 2022

This week really flew by! Having Monday off for Labor Day made things go by faster.I spent this week focusing on improving my processes for various things. I made minor adjustments to my Notion boards for my programming projects and started working on a new d…


Brock's Bytes - September 5th, 2022

Happy Labor Day to all my friends in the US! I hope everybody is enjoying the long weekend and staying safe. I spent mine with family eating delicious food and drinking tasty drinks.This week I got to work on side projects, complete Leetcode problems, and lea…


Brock's Bytes - August 28th, 2022

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on my new productivity system and trying to develop new healthy habits. This week I really focused on my journaling and getting things out of my head and onto paper. I also set up templates in Notion to help me stru…


Fixing my toxic relationship with productivity - Brock's Bytes

This week I had a revelation in regards to my relationship with productivity. For the past few weeks, I would end my days feeling drained. I never felt like I accomplished everything I set out to do during the day and that I wasn’t making progress towards my …


Three Awesome Web Development Tools You Need to Try - Brock's Bytes Issue #14

The importance of good tooling 🛠It's no secret that I care deeply about the developer experience. To me, it's just as important as the user experience. The reason being is that a good developer experience provides you with a ton of benefits, including easier …


The secret art of coming up with side project ideas - Brock's Bytes Issue #13

What is your goal? 🤔When you want to build a side project, the thing you need to figure out is why want to create a side project in the first place. Are you trying to learn a new technology? Are you solving a problem in your workflow? Do you want to build a p…


Lessons learned the hard way from rebuilding a project multiple times - Brock's Bytes Issue #12

Third time's the charm - The short story of building the applicationI landed my first freelancing project in 2019. The app is a survey application to help track athletes' physical and mental health, with the goal of helping prevent physical injury and burnout…


Welcome to Brock's Bytes - Issue #11

I should start with an apology for seeming to fall off the face of the Earth. With how The Weekly Retrospective was set up, I was finding it incredibly difficult to write and publish weekly. I felt restricted by what I could do with it.The newsletter was cent…


The first days with the M1 Max MacBook Pro and Albatross - The Weekly Retrospective Issue #10

We had our first "snowfall" of the Chicago area this week. When I say "snowfall", I really mean a little bit of snow the quickly turned to ice. Normally, snow is pretty exciting as it means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. To me however, it spells out t…


Something big is on its way - The Weekly Retrospective Issue #9

Happy November everybody! I hope you had a fantastic Halloween and (if you're in the U.S.) are beginning to prepare yourselves for Thanksgiving. For us, we put on our Avengers costumes and took my little cousins out Trick-or-Treating. I went as Spiderman and,…


What's Next for Next? - The Weekly Retrospective Issue #8

It's almost Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I think it's a combination of the weather, the tree leaves changing colors, the spooky and awesome decorations that go up, and of course, pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks 🎃Our plans for the weekend are…


My new favorite stack for web development - The Weekly Retrospective Issue #7

This week was much less productive content-wise. I have started, but not finished my blog post on The Bitcoin Standard and still have not filmed my YouTube video. My blog post is almost done, I just need to push my finishing thoughts on it, but my video is st…


Content Woes and The NextJS Stack You Didn't Know You Needed - The Weekly Retrospective

This week started off great because 10/10 is my birthday! We had a great day getting to celebrate with family. Our whole weekend was filled with fun excursions and outings. It was really nice being able to get back out and start doing things again.I published…


Learning, Reflecting, and Creating - The Weekly Retrospective Issue #5

Welcome to my pre-birthday week! My actual birthday is October 10th, so falls just outside of this week. In any case, we have big plans for celebrating this weekend. We'll be spending time with my family and doing some fun activities!One key thing that I sat …


The Weekly Retrospective - Issue #4

Happy beginning of October! October is my favorite month of the year for two huge reasons. First, it's my birthday month and second, the month wraps up with Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love all the spooky decorations, the scary movies, and …


The Weekly Retrospective - Issue #3

This week I began my schedule shift away from 4:30 am. As I had said in the last issue, I was getting up that early and just grinding out a ton of work in the mornings, then turning around and working an eight-hour day. After that, I still had to do things li…


The Weekly Retrospective - Issue #2

This week had more than a few wins and a lot of things that I'm excited to share. Like last week, I was fortunate enough to start it with family and end it with family. There were also a few losses that I learned a lot from as well. Without further ado, let's…


The Weekly Retrospective - Issue #1

Walt Disney has been an inspiration to me since I was little. He took his dreams and built something incredibly imaginative that all the world can enjoy. This is my absolute favorite quote of his. That's a big driver for me in building software and my social …